Today, you’re probably offering much better training, delivered in more interesting ways, than 10 years ago. But if your learners still aren’t transferring that knowledge back to the workplace, 80% of what you spend on learning and development is wasted.

Lentum is the answer to this decades-old problem. It’s an innovative learning transfer platform that allows you to support and monitor your learners in applying new skills and behaviours. But because it allows you to do the same for professional development and objective setting, too, it helps you to create a learning culture.

Which means your managers coach continuously, your employees perform better and your learning and development activities make a bigger impact on your business.

How Lentum works

When learners don’t transfer their new knowledge, it’s usually because they lack goals, support or motivation (or all three). Lentum overcomes this problem by bringing the learner and the line manager together to set, monitor and achieve goals for both formal and informal learning.

Learning Transfer

Learners and line managers can set goals and targets together. They both then receive prompts to check progress.

Continuous professional development

Employees can track of all their CPD throughout the year, and give managers access to this information for the first time.

Objective setting

Line managers can work with employees to set business and personal objectives, then monitor progress continually.


  • It makes learners accountable for achieving their own goals and objectives.
  • It equips line managers to coach and support learners to reach those goals.
  • It motivates learners by allowing them to raise a donation for charity or build up points for a reward scheme
  • It allows HR and L&D professionals to gather unique data and use it to make better business decisions.
  • It’s quick and easy to customise and use.

We know from research that people don’t change without support, goals and motivation. By rolling these vital factors into one application, Lentum offers businesses the chance to finally make learning stick”

Professor Peter Saville, psychologist, entrepreneur and non-executive director of Lentum


  • Log all your formal and informal learning activity – quickly, easily and in one place
  • Set objectives, goals and targets with your line manager
  • Track your progress against your goals and work with your line manager to reach them
  • Feel motivated to apply your new skills and behaviours
  • Equip yourself to perform at a higher level
  • Instantly access all the information you need on each team member’s formal and informal learning
  • Monitor learners’ progress quickly and easily
  • Coach your team better and move away from annual appraisals towards a continuous performance management approach
  • Use relevant data to have more effective performance conversations
  • See your team members perform better
  • Customise the application by using your logo and brand colours and uploading your competency frameworks
  • Add new course information and support materials quickly and easily
  • Monitor, track and report on all your L&D activity, and use the data to assess which training companies provide higher levels of learning transfer
  • Understand which line managers are engaging with and coaching their teams (and which aren’t)
  • Dramatically reduce the time you spend helping line managers with performance management
  • Switch on more modules or buy more learner licences as your business grows
  • Benefit from an inclusive learning culture that improves performance
  • Increase the return on investment in learning and development
  • Have a more highly skilled, knowledgeable and productive workforce
  • Benefit from more engaged employees who stay with you for longer